Friday, July 9, 2010

Gulf Coast Spill

I wanted to share this website with all of you. Please in no way think I am encouraging you to give money to the effort or the organizations listed on this site. If you can- wonderful. If you can't- that's ok too. There are many other things you can do. Salons here are gathering the clippings from customers haircuts and sending them to a company that makes mats of hair that helps absorb the oil. It just seems as time goes by the crisis is getting the attention it was although the need is still very real. I was so proud of my daughter when she saw a brown pelican covered in oil and demanded to know what she could do to help. It was such a wonderful teaching opportunity! The organizations listed here are also by no means the only ones worthy of helping with this crisis- I'm just sharing this as a starting point. Please share this with friends, family, fellow bloggers and tweet about it! Every little bit helps!

Network for Good Help animals and wildlife threatened by the oil spill HERE

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