Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Apologies!

You know what? I love my readers! You guys are awesome! You stick around and read and if I've been away for awhile you come back! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You are beyond awesome!!! I do have to apologize because the Christmas in July event got cut short. Trust me- I'm VERY bummed about this because I had some more GREAT giveaways lined up. I am going to talk to the sponsors and see if they'd like to participate in our Christmas Countdown! I'm also going to extend all of the giveaways by a week and will change that info tomorrow. The only giveaway that is ending is the JessKay Designs giveaway & I will announce that winner tomorrow (why not draw out the suspense a bit more!)

Also, just so you guys know I really don't just "blow off" the log I wasn't around because of a family emergency. My sister was pregnant with her second and having a really rough time of it. Her blood pressure sky rocketed but they wanted to wait until 39 weeks because of some issues my oldest nephew had when he was born (and he was a week late so they really wanted as much time as they could buy). I'm now the proud Aunt to Lucas William who is simply gorgeous but the little guy is having some severe jaundice issues. So at first I was taking care of my nephew so my sister could rest and then I was taking care of him because my sister had her C section and then Luke was in the hospital, released and then readmitted after 24 hours. He's home now but his bili numbers are on the rise again. Hopefully this can be controlled without him being admitted again. Anyway, just wanted to explain my absence.

Remember- JessKay Designs giveaway posted tomorrow!



Barb said...

Hi Sarah,
Family always first!! Your sister is lucky to have you there to help. I hope all goes well with both the baby and your sister!
Thinking of all of you,

Sarah Simplifies said...


Thanks! I appreciate the kind words & thoughts! Luke is having another blood draw tomorrow and hopefully we'll get a good report!