Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dapple Review

I had the pleasure of testing a couple of Dapple products so I could offer this review. I was sent a travel size Dapple Dish Liquid and a package of Dapple Toy Cleaner Wipes in travel size. I've been washing my dishes in "green" dish liquids for quite awhile now. For the most part I just grab whatever is at WalMart or the grocery store- you know what I mean- Seventh Generation and Clorox Green Works. I've always been happy with those products and like that if my daughter wants to help do dishes its safe enough for her to use. I've got to say that now I'm a HUGE Dapple Dish Liquid fan. It washes dishes so well and leaves them squeaky clean. Seriously- the squeaked! I think its because Dapple Dish Liquid has some baking soda in it. I've read in the past that adding either vinegar or baking soda to your dish pan or liquid would help clean. Well, vinegar separates and if you have any open cuts it hurts. Since I tried Dapple and fell in love with it I used it all up and then went back to a bottle of dish liquid under the sink. I tried adding baking soda to that. Well the baking soda all settled on the bottom and would remix well until I was near the bottom of the bottle and could really shake it up well. This was never the case with the Dapple Dish Liquid. That was the definite selling point for Dapple! It was just a lovely clear liquid that did an amazing job. I also like that there are refill packs available for Dapple Dish Liquid. The Dapple toy wipes were just as wonderful. The pack fit in my purse and I was able to whip one out when we were at lunch with my nephew & he dropped a toy he was playing with. I love that it wasn't too wet- because you know that they'd drop the toy right away again. I can see how the toy wipes would be a huge asset to any family traveling or that has young kids that still have a case of the "oops dropsy's".

Dapple products are available at,, and, or click HERE to find a store near you.

Disclaimer- NO monetary payments were received for this post. A complimentary product/service was provided to facilitate this review. However all opinions expressed are my own. Different people may have different experiences with products and/or the company. I was not compensated in any other way for this review.

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