Monday, March 29, 2010

Going green

So in this going green area of my life I find somethings are very easy to do.

-gardening. I love to garden and know that its better for the earth and my health plus it gives me some really great bonding time with my daughter so no problem there! Then there are things that I have a hard time with.

-cleaning supplies. There are tons of safe for the environment and safe for me ready made products as well as recipes to make my own. No problem there. (Well, except for paper towels. I'd like to cut down my paper towel usage)

-Trying to cut down my electricity and water usage. Pretty self explainatory! :)

Then there are some areas that I just am not doing so well in. Such as:

- makeup. I love makeup. I used to wear it everyday and I do feel better when I do wear it. That said I haven't found any organic makeup that I'm will to pitch all my other stuff for. Now my one steadfast rule is that I will not wear makeup that is any way, shape or form associated with animal testing.

-clothing. I'm a plus sized gal. I'm trying to slim down but for now I am were I am. I have a child that is in a size 8. These are both area that are very hard to find organic clothing. Then when you find it its usually cost prohibative. I'd love to have this turn around.

-recycling. Now I know this is easy. Unfortunately, at this time my living situation is somewhat prohibiting this. My daughter & I live with my parents & room is tight. I have got some plans in the works for building a recycle center on our side porch area where our garbage cans are. If I get this off the ground I will definitely let you know how it goes!

So, what areas of going green are easy for you? What areas are you trying to work on?


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