Monday, May 10, 2010

Ekoh Cosmetics Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try Ekoh Cosmetics Skin Retreat. Ekoh Cosmetics describes the Skin Retreat as "All-in-one 24-hour treatment formula calms, soothes, and hydrates". I know I've mentioned on here that trying to figure out my skin as a start the dreaded "aging process" hasn't been easy or all that fun. I'm one of those people that wants to wear makeup, wash my face and be done. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that has had many, many, many sunburns (take me outside for more than 10 minutes & I start to fry!). I also managed a tanning salon for awhile and thinking that was safer spent TONS of time in tanning beds. Ooops! I'm also one of those people that has a hard time doing anything at night other than just washing my face. To me it doesn't feel natural to put something on your skin when you're going to sleep. It just feels like you should give your skin a break? I digress to my aging skin dilemna- it seems as though it really is a good idea to moisturize at night.

Taking this knowledge to heart I've been washing my face and then applying the Ekoh Cosmetics Skin Retreat for the past week at bedtime. I'm very pleased with the results! I never felt over hydrated (ie like an oil slick) before or after waking up. A nice side effect is the smoother feel my face has started to develope! I'm also finding that I'm not using as much moisturizer during the day- another plus. I was also really excited when I looked at the list of ingredients. Its nice to be able to put something on your skin, knowing full well that its being absorbed into your body, and not worrying a bit! I could get very used to that! Ekoh Cosmetics has a Pre-Party Prep Facial Scrub that I'd definitely try out based on my experience with the Skin Retreat. You can learn more about Ekoh Skincare HERE

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