Thursday, May 20, 2010

A few questions answered

I've had a few emails recently so I've decided to answer some of the questions here. Tomorrow will be a giveaway & Giveaway Roundup listing- quite the day!

1) I've been asked about my daughter being a special needs child.
My daughter was born with something called bicoronal craniosynostosis. Basically what that means is that when she was born that where there should have been two soft spots near the front of her head there wasn't. The bone had prematurely fused together. What does this mean? Well, soft spots exist so babies brains have room to grow without pressure. Since my daughters had prematurely fused together that affected the way her skull was shaped, the way her brain could grow and that in time if there wasn't surgical intervention her brain would start to have pressure on it. My daughter had her first surgery at 7 1/2 months old. It was basically to make room for the brain to grow and relieve any pressure that had started. The thing is once you've messed with the brain you've messed with the entire body. That said my daughter has a variety of health problems, thankfully most of them small, and has global delays. For example she was pretty basically non verbal until she was a bit over 3 years old. She didn't walk until about 20 months old. She has some learning disabilities but loves school so what more can I ask for? She isn't done having surgeries and won't be until she is fully grown. The biggest health issue we face on a daily basis is the fact that she cannot regulate her body temperate. Her normal body temp is around 97.1*. If she gets too warm its a big problem. It can be because she's too active (playing, dancing etc) or because its warm outside. She can go from being fine one minute to running 102* the next. Summertime is always hard on her because she can't go out and play like "normal" kids.

2) Have I always been "green"
I'm still not always green but I'm really trying. I've always been pretty passionate about treating our earth and animals well. Since having my daughter and the more educated I become the more I'm trying to be green. Better for every ones health and I want her to have every advantage!

3) My post the other day pertaining to the country having the ability to go to sustainable energy brought an angry email wanting to know where I got my information.

A book that I finished a few months ago. The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Living by Trish Riley. Check it out at Amazon. Its a really great book that breaks things down in easy to digest bits with great suggestions. I'm trying to come up with a way to run maybe a weekly synopsis of green living books starting with this one.

4) Yes I am a bookworm. I read constantly. The book I'm reading right now is:
Another book you can find at Amazon. I'd also give it a thumbs up. I'm also a magazine junkie. You can find a list of my favorites in a past post HERE. I also love what is often called "trash" books. Debbie Macomber, Fern Michaels and Nora Roberts are at the top of my favorite author lists.

5) Do I have any hobbies?
Well, of course! In addition to being a bookworm, I'm a complete Internet junkie. This blog has been a great outlet for that. I love gardening. Its been a very weird spring here in Illinois and I still haven't been able to plant my garden. There is something so wonderful about being responsible for what you're eating. I'm pretty craft and sell barrettes that I make at a boutique here in town. I love watching TV when I have time. Unfortunately most of the shows I like (NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist and Sons of Anarchy) aren't shows I can watch when my daughter is around so I try to tape things and then its hit or miss.

So, that is a bit more about me. Have some more questions? Drop an email and I'll try to address them sometime soon!

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