Monday, May 17, 2010

Please contact your elected officials

In the last few months we have seen human tragedy in the mine crisis and an ecological disaster in the form of BPs oil drilling mishap. At first glance these things may not seem related but they are. They are both due to the American dependence on fossil fuels. This country has the knowledge and means to switch to completely sustainable energy. So, why don't we? Good question and the answer is as usual the almighty dollar. The oil & coal companies spend an incredible amount of money "donating" and backing politicians. Please take a look at your politicians finance records as well as letting them know you wanting them to encourage and subsidize sustainable energy. Although money does talk we are living in a time of political turmoil and every vote counts. Please make your vote count and let your elected officials know that you don't want the fossil fuel businesses rewarded or granted "a get out of jail free card" because of their monetary backing. Let them know you believe the US has a completely reliable future in sustainable energy. Make your voice heard today.

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