Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Emmett Cooper Haircare Hydration Rinse Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try a product by Emmett Cooper Haircare. I must admit that before I received this item to review it I had never heard of Emmett Cooper Haircare. These products are the result of 2 haircare pros, Emmett Cooper and Naieem Abdool, working together to make a product that they actually wanted to use. They realized that there was a market for haircare products that were made with certified organic ingredients that could work well.

The product that I received to review was the Emmett Cooper Hydration Rinse. I don't just like this product, I absolutely LOVE it! Enough that I'm willing to buy it online (I'm a bit cheap when it comes to ordering online- I hate the whole shipping cost thing!) I might even introduce my beautician to this line and see what she thinks! I have very thick hair. I'm not trying to brag, as its actually a pain more than anything else. Since I have seriously thick hair it often looks weighted down and tends to get oily quickly. I love the way my hair looks when I've conditioned it but hate the it looks the end of the day. Neither of those situations was an issue with the Emmett Cooper Hydration Rinse! Also when I read the label I thought "rinse" and immediately got the idea of a thin, runny product. Nope! This stuff is very thick! It has a lovely fragrance but isn't overpowering and makes my hair look great! I definitely give the Emmett Cooper Haircare Hydration rinse a thumbs up! If you are interested in checking out the Emmett Cooper Haircare Hydration Rinse or any of their other products you can go HERE for the Emmett Copper Haircare website. Check it out! Buy it! You'll like it!

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