Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I've spent some time trying to get the review and giveaway calendar for April and May set up. While I was doing this I noticed how many incredible sellers where on this list. Most blog readers know about but not all do so I thought I'd make todays post an intro to/ lovefest about! is an online marketplace for homemade, handmade goods! You will find some of the most amazing things on Just a few things I think are pretty cool are:

Gardner's Lotion HERE

Bohemian Poppies Fabric Bin In Jadeite Upcycled Vintage Fabric HERE

Wristlet Clutch Vintage Inspired handmade HERE

This is just a small sampling. There are MILLIONS of items for sale on! I love the concept of for a few reasons. First and foremost, it gives you a great opportunity to buy handmade items and a fair price. I think that the allure of handmade items is coming back and I love that is a showplace for that. is a way that many people who craft homemade items can sell them to a much larger audience than they would normally have access to. This is a great way for people to work from home and supplement their incomes. There are lots of items and sellers that are selling upcycled items on! WOOHOO! I love the concept of upcycled items. Unfortunately there aren't that many brick and mortar stores that support this movement so once again is a great showcase!

So, if you haven't check it out yet (or lately!) take some time and take a peek at!

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