Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Terracycle- Have you heard of them?

Have you heard of Terracycle yet? This company is so COOL! They take used trash in the form of drink pouches, toothpaste tubes, and sunscreen tubes and recycle them into great products like tote bags, cork boards and laptop cases. Isn't this a basic idea of going green???? There is a 2nd (or 3rd, 4th or 5th) life in almost everything we use! This company is such an awesome way to introduce this process to kids too! They drink a juice pouch and then use a tote bag made from juice pouches to go to school, the pool or where ever!

For the month of April Terracycle products are going to be available AT EACH AND EVERY Walmart store in the U.S.! On your next trip to Wally World take a second to check out a few Terracycle products! One of the things I struggle with the most in this journey to become green is how to properly explain things in terms that my daughter can understand. Well, my kiddo loves trips to Wally World and I think she's going to score a juicebag tote this month!

Terracycle is currently recycling, or as they call it terracycling, these brands:
Drink Pouch Brigade™
Colgate® Oral Care Brigade™
AVEENO® Beauty Brigade
Candy Wrapper Brigade™
Sprout® Brigade™
If you can go to the Terracycle website HERE you can find out about joining a terracycle brigade and earning money to help terracycle! Going green can make you green!

HERE you can search for a list places that you can buy Terracycle products via zipcode.

So, I hope you take a few minutes and check out the Terracycle webiste or take a peek while you are at Walmart this month!

On, a completely different note, I'd like to thank all of the wonderful readers and sponsors I've contacted for Sarah Simplifies. I have HUGE plans for this blog & sincerely hope you take this journey with me. That said all journeys at times have a stumbling block or two and Sarah Simplifies as hit its first one already. Its really early in this blogs journey and I wasn't expecting it at all but hope I can weather through this and that my wonderful readers will stick with the blog through this. My dad was diagnosed with cancer last week and I've been very focused on that. I had plans for dedicating a lot of time to the blog, contacts and making a wonderful success of this blog. While I think this blog is going to be successful I am going to have to divide time between family and blog more than I had been counting on. I promise to try to get as many reviews, posts and contests out to you as possible! Its just not going to be an everyday thing like I hoped! I hope that this change of events won't detract from the experience of Sarah Simplifies in the long run. Thanks so much for your understanding!


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