Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is there a map? And a scholarship fund????

Yes, I'm being a bit sarcastic right now. Hopefully this won't be a problem. I've spent approximately 10 hours over the last 3 days contacting different green/ eco friendly companies that would like to participate in a review and/or a giveaway for the wonderful readers I have here at Sarah Simplifies. Know what? In that amount of time you can go through a SERIOUS number of businesses! For the most part these companies are really incredible and very willing to share. Either their products via a review and/or giveaway or a coupon code. I love that so many businesses believe in their products and missions and want to share that.

Now for the down side. In some ways going green can be a) incredibly expensive and b) non-existent in a category you're looking for. It just really makes me angry sometimes. Why is it that doing the healthy, right things for our families should be so difficult- sometimes. (Please don't think this applies all the way around- if you've been reading along with me you'll see that isn't the case). One example that I'll share with you is bedding, beds and mattresses. My daughter is more precious to me than anything in this world and since she was born my journey in going green has stepped up some. As I've mentioned before my daughter is a special needs child and having the healthiest environment for her as a means of making her life easier is of utmost importance to me. Before my daughter was born I was green to the extent of being passionately anti- animal testing and protecting the earth as a whole. I've always been a believer in the concept that we inherit the earth from our children and we're doing a pretty piss poor job of making them proud. Then my sister had my nephew and her whole life did a 180*. She then got became a hardcore organic foodie and lifestyle follower. No toxins in their home. It was pretty easy for us to share information and as a whole our worlds have become greener and more organic.

Now on to the rest of my rant. My daughter needs a new mattress. Really she does- right now her mattress is the one from her crib and its on the floor. Most nights my daughter winds up in my room anyway. That said it would still be really nice for her to have a mattress. Now in my before I knew better days would have headed over to Sam's Club and gotten a mattress for her. I just can't do that now. I completely understand and agree with the fact that we should all be sleeping on organic material mattresses. Have you checked out the prices on those bad boys lately????? Anyone want to help me rob a bank? Just kidding but for a single mom to a special needs child that one isn't very obtainable.

My last rant for the day. My daughter is 6 (she'll be 7 in June). She's a big kid. Not fat like her mommy but big. We're talking 4'3" and her weight is proportionate to her height. She is wearing a size 8 or a 10/12. I'm very picky about clothes fitting nicely, not being short and not having my 6 year old look like she's 36. If you want organic clothing in that size range it is really slim pickings! The things I've found I love (Hello Zehn Naturals!) but its really hard! If you have a baby you can find organic clothing options coming out your ears! Most places go through 4T or 6/6x after that its every man for themselves. I know that manufacturers are slowly but surely realizing that green options are important to consumers- now could they just step it up a bit????

Ok- I'm done with the ranting and raving for now. Thanks for not virtually slapping me! On the really up side of all of this I've come across some really great companies, many completely new to me, that I can't wait to share with you guys either in reviews or giveaways. The fun is just starting!

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